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Monday, 27 August 2012


Today  a special group of visually impaired athletes will arrive around 4.00 PM at the Royal Docks Community School, London E16, where also the Sport Compass House will be located during the Paralympics. The group scooted more than 300 miles from the Netherlands to the Paralympics in London! The London Steppers want to use this tour to promote the disabled sport in all it dimensions worldwide.

The Mayor of Spijkenisse gives the signed volleyball to the London Steppers

Promoting Football for visually impaired

The special team scooter for the visually impaired athletes
The money that is being raised by this event will be used to introduce and promote football for the visually impaired in the Netherlands. This Paralympic sport is almost unknown in the Netherlands, and, the London Steppers and foundation Sport Compass, plan to change this. The foundation, Sport Compass, located in Spijkenisse, is dedicated to promote and create awareness for disabled sports worldwide. Their message: sport is for everybody!
 The London Steppers have the full support of the whole municipality of Spijkenisse, who gave them a grand rousing send off on their journey to London. The Mayor of Spijkenisse (Mirjam Salet) scooted with the London Steppers on their first leg of the journey to London, and gave them a speech full of words of encouragement and praise. They were cheered on by the Paralympic American women’s volleyball team (Team USA), many volunteers, family, friends and well-wishers. For this event, the ladies volleyball team gave a display of their impressive skills, and presented a signed volleyball to the London Steppers. The Mayor of Spijkenisse wrote a message on the volleyball, especially meant for the Mayor of London and gave the London Steppers the task to bring this ball all the way from The Netherlands, and hand this special message over to the Mayor of London.  

The London Steppers with the USA womans
sitting volleybalteam

Sport Compass
Sport Compass aims to promote, support, guide and advise on (physical) disabled sport worldwide, within the sports technical and organizational domains. We follow a distinctive new concept, where local residents are directly involved in project planning worldwide. Sport Compass believes that sport makes people physically and mentally stronger and can make a significant rehabilitation and personal development.


Sport Compass House during the Paralympics - August 27th – September 9th
The Sport Compass House will be a meeting place, in a school close to the ExCel Exhibition Centre, for Paralympic sportsmen, their families and friends. There will be demonstrations, presentations of Paralympic sports and several organizations involved with disabled sports will give information about the opportunities and possibilities in disabled sports.

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