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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cartobiography by ...,..Dan..,...


From ...,..Dan..,... on Flickr

"Since January 2011 i have been part of the mapping and graphics team at the organising comittee for London 2012.
As the games draw nearer the mapping team will move on to a range of different roles during the games. Approximately 8,500 maps and drawings have been produced by the team and without them the games simply would not have a chance of becoming a functional reality

I asked each person to bring something with them when i photographed them which represented a part of their lives away from the office. A life which without exception they have made great sacrifices in for the sake of the games.

Working in this team has been on of the great joys of my adult life and certainly the highlight of my career.

LOCOG mapping, this is your life."

See Dan's full Cartobiography set here

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