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I was one of the Official BT’s Storytellers for London 2012 .

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Can you guess what stadia these became? WIN a signed print.

Win Me !All are on the London 2012 Olympic site, have a guess in the comments below or tweet me @InsideLDN2012, include the #InsideLDN2012. I'll re-tweet or repost some of the best guesses and of course those you get right.

I'll publish completed Images in a while to show you the answers.

The first person to name all 9 correctly will WIN a small signed print.

You can mail me too here
1. This One is fairly easy

 2. This one too, easily recognisable
 3. A little harder for this one, although the 'shape' may give you a clue
 4. Easy Peasy
 5. Harder, but the background may give you a clue to the location
 6. One of the, if not the biggest building on the Olympic Park
 7. Harder. Will be impressed if you get this
 8. Hard again. Location rather than the name will do.
9. Easy-ish..

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