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Saturday, 23 June 2012

The (almost) Completed Wrap on the London 2012 Olympic Stadium

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  1. Partially completed wrap*

  2. Are they going to be filling those gaps where it seems there should be 2 or 3 more strips?

  3. *Semantics.

    And as for the gaps, I dont know. :)

  4. I hope the little gaps stay. Looks alright like that...

  5. think the gaps are for entrances/exits

  6. Nope the entrances and exits are between each strip. I think the gaps are where the toilets stick out a bit more and the 'bottom' of the strip would have to be on the roof of the toilet. They have had to dig anchor points for the bottom of each strip so not sure whether the gaps will be filled. It shows how much of an after though this was

  7. It's looking good. We were out at the Park last week and could feel the excitement building. Only 17 days until its time to shine! We're eager to begin sharing the stories of the Games with fans around the world.