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Friday, 27 April 2012

The Shoal - Stratford

The Shoal is a public realm intervention, which aims to improve the urban continuity and legibility of the existing 1970ʼs Stratford Centre. In the 70ʼs, the Stratford Centre was created with a positive frontage to the existing high street to itʼs south. With the introduction of the Stratford bus interchange, and later, the refurbishment of Stratford Station to the north, the ʻbackʼ of the centre, with its delivery bays and car parking ramps, became much more visibly public. Recently, the Olympic Park and the Westfield Centre entrances have been established to the north meaning that the ʻbackʼ has very much become the front: the entrance to Stratford.

26th April 2012 45

24th April 2012 227

26th April 2012 44

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