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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Eton Manor War Memorial Inside the London 2012 Olympic Site

The new sporting facilities are on the site of the old Eton Manor Sports Club, which had been disused since 2001. This community sporting facility was established in the 1900s and by the middle of the last century the Eton Manor Boys’ Club had gained a reputation as an elite sporting association.

There is a war memorial located on the site that is a tribute to Eton Manor Club members who fought and died in the First and Second World Wars. The memorial will be retained and restored as part of the work on the site.

Once the site was cleared, the area became the temporary home of Construction College East London. This was a practical training centre for people interested in working in construction. Many of the graduates from the centre went on to get jobs on the Olympic Park. In 2009 the centre moved to a permanent home near the Royal Docks in east London, so that the site could be prepared for the construction of the new facilities.

Churchill War memorial inside the London 2012 Olympic Site
for more info see: http://www.london2012.com/eton-manor

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