I helped construct the Olympic Site, tell the story of the Greatest Show on earth, and am on site for the Legacy build until 2014.

This is my View of what's going on. These Views are mine and not of my employer or the LLDC/ODA/LOCOG

I was one of the Official BT’s Storytellers for London 2012 .

Monday, 2 January 2012

Construction of the London 2012 Olympic Site

London_Olympic_Stadium_Statues_Dawn_R_4919London_Olympic_Stadium_Orbit_Dawn_R_4867London_Olympic_Stadium_Spotlight_Dawn_R_4902London_Olympic_Stadium_Orbit_Dawn_R_4908Olympic Park - December 2011Olympic Park Warm Up Track - December 2011
Olympic Stadium - December 2011Olympic 2012 Water Bus SignVelodrome & River LeaEton Manor SeatingVelodromeVelodrome, Basketball Arena and Olympic Village
Basketball ArenaFoot Tunnel To The Olympic StadiumFoot Tunnel To The Olympic StadiumFoot Tunnel (on the left) & Walkway To The Olympic StadiumOlympic Stadium & ArcelorMittal OrbitOlympic Stadium & ArcelorMittal Orbit
Hackney_Olympic_Skyline_4620Hackney_Olympic_Skyline_Sunrise_4851Deconstruction, Olympic Country, East LondonOlympic Country, East LondonCrowd control, Olympic Park, East LondonThe hi-vis army, Olympic Park, East London

3,777 pictures from inside and around the London 2012 Olympic Park Site from 2008-2012

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