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Friday, 11 November 2011

Faces of the First World War - the first 100

Second Lieutenant K F NicholLieutenant A Dodgson2nd Lieutenant James Douglas Herbert FarmerLance Corporal Pat O'KeefeSergeant John James DwyerGunner John Phelps Williams
William Avery BishopCaptain Arthur Claud WardLieutenant JoshiLieutenant Louis A StrangeMajor General William Sefton BranckerSadeq Mohammad Khan
Major Stewart Hugh JosephLieutenant William Hamo Vernon2 Lieutenant A G SharpPrivate Theo Leslie Seabrook, 2 Lieutenant William Keith Seabrook, Private George Ross SeabrookPrivate Thomas NewtonSergeant J Oakley
Captain Keith Andrews Brown2 Lieutenant William Kelly Carmichael Ogg2 Lieutenant Eric Leslie VickersGunner John Victor BiasStoker Petty Officer Harold JordanCaptain Frederick Henry Naylor

To mark 11-11-11.

We will Remember them.

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