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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Day 69 London 2012 Torch Relay - Dionne Campbell

Dionne Campbell

Dionne's nomination story
Dionne received her Diana Award in 1999, and was the second person to receive a Diana Award. Although involved in a number of community projects, she was nominated for her work in making a film on sexual harassment which was presented at screenings in schools across the borough of Brent

 Dionne went on to study at the University of Sussex and continued her community work there, including a year serving as president of the Student Community Action Society. During her year studying abroad she volunteered at a small grassroots organization called Action for children of Imprisoned Mothers (AIM), accompanying children to visit their incarcerated mothers.
 Whilst in Atlanta, Dionne also acquired a place on a research internship at the Fulton County Juvenile Court, her research paper led to changes being made in the mental health department's work with children coming into the juvenile court.
 Throughout she has remained in touch with the staff at the Diana Award team who have supported her in developing her skills in public speaking which she particularly enjoys, she has been fortunate enough to host conferences, seminars and other events for organisations such as the Home Office, various charities and the GLA. Dionne currently works as a Senior Commissioning Officer for Camden Council's Children, Schools and Families department, and plans to continue within commissioning as she feels that this is a way that she can continue to make a positive difference.

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