I helped construct the Olympic Site, tell the story of the Greatest Show on earth, and am on site for the Legacy build until 2014.

This is my View of what's going on. These Views are mine and not of my employer or the LLDC/ODA/LOCOG

I was one of the Official BT’s Storytellers for London 2012 .

Monday, 30 April 2012

The River Bank Arena

The River Bank Arena (Field Hockey)

Site of my 1st Olympic Site office from 2008-2011..

Look at it now.

Image with permission & courtesy of : Georgie Twigg : GB Hockey Player & Bristol Law Student.

Help me photograph David Beckham

Do you want to see pictures of David Beckham that I could be taking?

I've entered a competition to photograph him in association with adidas.

I've submitted a picture that needs to be voted on, so click here and then the big blue VOTE button on the right of my username and hopefully I'll be shooting GB & England, Olympic ambassador David Beckham for you on here.


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Completion of London 2012 arts programme

The artworks, which have been created through the Olympic Delivery Authority’s (ODA) Art in the Park programme, were announced as complete to mark the programme launch of the London 2012 Festival - the 12 week UK-wide celebration featuring leading artists from around the world from 21 June - 9 September.

Art in the Park:  

•    The ODA’s arts and culture team commissioned a range of artists, local, national and international, to provide the Park with a range of voices, and all works have been absolutely specific to the site, where artists have been asked to respond to the physical, social and historical context of the area.  All of the commissions have been appointed through a competitive process to ensure that the best and most appropriate artists have been selected to deliver the ODA’s ambition.

The full list of artworks is here:

All Images - ODA

RUN Switched on.

An illuminated artwork as tall as a house, weighing 30 tonnes and inspired by the music of Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young was switched on (April 27th) to mark the completion of 26 new arts installations on the Olympic Park.

All Images ODA

Weymouth & Portland - 2012

With the sailing events of the 2012 Olympic Games just weeks away, a look at what Weymouth and Portland has to offer.

The Weymouth Stones

Portland Harbour

Weymouth Harbour

The Great Tower of Weymouth

The Great Tower of Weymouth

Weymouth Beach, looking across to the Tower

All Pics (& to see more): Alistair Coleman Just dont mention the gammy foot. or Pomes.

Friday, 27 April 2012

The Shoal - Stratford

The Shoal is a public realm intervention, which aims to improve the urban continuity and legibility of the existing 1970ʼs Stratford Centre. In the 70ʼs, the Stratford Centre was created with a positive frontage to the existing high street to itʼs south. With the introduction of the Stratford bus interchange, and later, the refurbishment of Stratford Station to the north, the ʻbackʼ of the centre, with its delivery bays and car parking ramps, became much more visibly public. Recently, the Olympic Park and the Westfield Centre entrances have been established to the north meaning that the ʻbackʼ has very much become the front: the entrance to Stratford.

26th April 2012 45

24th April 2012 227

26th April 2012 44

The Prestige Pavillion

..right next to the stadium. Prime location.