I helped construct the Olympic Site, tell the story of the Greatest Show on earth, and am on site for the Legacy build until 2014.

This is my View of what's going on. These Views are mine and not of my employer or the LLDC/ODA/LOCOG

I was one of the Official BT’s Storytellers for London 2012 .

Monday, 25 July 2011

BT Storytellers - Update 0001

Have just recieved my first invite to attend an event as an Official BT London 2012 Storyteller, and it's this Sunday at The Hadleigh Farm Mountain Bike International.

I know this is an official Test Event for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and upto 5,000 members of the public have access to tickets for the event.

It will be the first chance for mountain bike riders to race on the new, purpose-built for the London 2012 Mountain Bike competition in Hadleigh, Essex.

I know it's not as glamourous as the Launch, but still am very excited at the prospect of going !

Pictures, and maybe a few words will follow when I return, and an official report on the BT Storytellers Website.

Image via www.visitessex.com

It's 1 Year to go

Although the Opening Ceromony is on the 27th July 2012, the London 2012 Games begins on the 25th July 2012, 1 year from today !

Oh yes, there are two Olympic events taking place before the Opening Ceremony on Friday 27th July 2012. One of these is the Archery, whose preliminary ranking round starts that morning at 9am. And the other is the Football, poor old unloved Football, whose matches kick off even earlier.

Thanks to DiamondGeezer

The Orbit - Canal View

The Orbit - Canal View, originally uploaded by gary8345.
From a view point I'd never seen before.
Thanks to Gary Etchell ( gary8345 on flickr )

Putting the Orbit Together

Putting the Orbit Together, originally uploaded by gary8345.
The spiral walkways are now being added to the Orbit.

Thanks to Gary Etchell ( gary8345 on flickr )

Saturday, 23 July 2011


Cyclists find their access blocked.

Hackney East Marsh Closed until September 2013, to make way for the Northern Transport Spectators Mall.

Then it will be returned to High Quality Pitches in time for the 2013 football season

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Filling the gaps.

Olympic Park - June 2011_261, originally uploaded by Andy Wilkes.

Using a crane to fill the gaps in the terracing, with the Basketball Arena for the backdrop.

Olympic Park - East Marsh Terracing

Olympic Park - June 2011_321, originally uploaded by Andy Wilkes.

Finishing off the Terracing on the Northern Spectator Transport Mall, with the Velodrome & Athletes Village in the background.

Hackney Marshes Centre

The Brand New Hackney Marshes Centre.

We knocked down the old Marshes Changing rooms, this was built to replace it.

An excellent facility.

Olympic Park - July 2011

Olympic Park - June 2011_191, originally uploaded by Andy Wilkes.

Shopped picture of my work area to show the madness of the clouds.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Saskia Sports Presentation July 2011 - Meeting Tim Pendergast

My Daughter, Saskia Wilkes, who was chosen last night to become the Sports Ambassador for Turnford Sports College for the year 2011-2012, meets Tim Pendergast one of New Zealand’s most outstanding Paralympians. A middle distance runner, Tim has represented his native New Zealand at the last three Paralympic Games.

And wears his Gold medal from the 2004 Paralympics

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Stadium Detail

Stadium Detail, originally uploaded by Andy Wilkes.

Detail on the side of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium that the public cannot see from the Greenway Viewing Platform.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

BT Storytellers - Update

Dear Andy,

We just wanted to follow up on our previous email and say how much we are looking forward to welcoming you as one of BT’s Storytellers for London 2012 . We hope you’re excited to have been chosen .

Over the next year, you will be helping tell the story of the greatest show on earth. It’s a unique opportunity to join others - from athletes and rock stars to schoolteachers and florists - in celebrating the Games and being inspired by all that London 2012 has to offer.

Keep your eyes peeled for further information on what to expect next and how you can start telling your story. And thanks for your enthusiasm and commitment so far.

We’ll be in touch very soon...

The BT Storytellers Team

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Olympic Park - Abbey Road Homage (Almost)

Four workers cross the internal Zebra Crossing with the Aquatics Centre for a backdrop.

Poor Classic Beatles Abbey Road Homage, buit it's the best I could come up with :)

Terracing showing the Velodrome & Athletes Village.

Monday, 4 July 2011

More Hackney Marsh Terracing

Three Mills Loop

Three Mills Loop, originally uploaded by LoopZilla.

An, err, what-ya-ma-call-it bike type thingy out side the Olympic Stadium on the Greenway !

Via (LoopZilla) Gordon Joly

Edit: 5 July 2011

Back story?


We were on the Three Mills Loop. We were approaching. I signed the waiver, and we all had to wear something yellow. The woman (who took the foto) said something about "will this be on the Internet".

Little did she KNOW!

Friday, 1 July 2011